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UCL Space Domain

136 views since Oct 31, 2019 uclspacedomain The UCL Space Domain is looking for your best Space images to create a mosaic image of London taken from the ISS and put on our new Space Domain T-Shirts and Tote Bags. If you have a great image that encapsulates the Space Domain or the research that is going on at UCL please add it to our mosaic here.
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guest IMG_20191211_130419.jpg Prof Serge Plattard giving his talk entitled 'How Vulnerable are Space Activities?' for our 1 O'clock Lecture Series on December 11, 2019. Presentation slides can be found on the UCL Space Domain Website :

Used 131 times (82.5% best match)

guest ExoMars2020_Rover_on_Mars_20170418_1280.jpg The Rosalind Franklin (ExoMars 2020) rover is due for launch in July 2020. It carries the PanCam instrument provided by a team led by UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

Used 29 times (86.75% best match)

guest artists-impression.jpg Artist's impression of Mariner 10.

Used 49 times (88.75% best match)

guest phobos_7.jpg Phobos in 1977

Used 779 times (95.5% best match)

guest mars-viking_7.jpg Ascraeus Mons from the Viking 1 orbiter (1976).

Used 192 times (88.25% best match)

guest lunar-orbiter_7.jpg 1966 Lunar Orbiter picture of the Earth and Moon

Used 562 times (92% best match)

guest lunar-orbiter-thumb_7.jpg The first photo taken of the Earth, from the Moon, in 1966.

Used 389 times (95.5% best match)

guest moon-thumb_7.jpg Walter Goodacre's incredibly detailed 1910 map of the Moon.

Used 1 times (70.5% best match)

MSc courses.jpg
guest MSc courses.jpg MSc Courses offereed at UCL 2019/2020.

Used 1 times (82% best match)

guest Euclid_spacecraft.jpg Artist's impression of the Euclid spacecraft. Euclid is a medium-class mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision to investigate the expansion of our Universe over the past ten billion years, probing cosmic epochs from before the expansion started to accelerate, all the way to the present. In the background, a composite image of the massive galaxy cluster MACS J0717.5+3745 based on X-ray data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory (shown in blue and purple hues) and optical observations performed by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. ESA/ATG medialab (spacecraft); NASA, ESA, CXC, C. Ma, H. Ebeling and E. Barrett (University of Hawaii/IfA), et al. and STScI (background) Image from ESA.

Used 530 times (97.75% best match)

guest Picture11.png Fig. 1: Analysis of the K2-18 b white and spectral light curves, plotted with an offset for clarity. From: Water vapour in the atmosphere of the habitable-zone eight-Earth-mass planet K2-18 b. Tsiaras, A., Waldmann, I.P., Tinetti, G. et al. Water vapour in the atmosphere of the habitable-zone eight-Earth-mass planet K2-18 b. Nat Astron (2019) doi:10.1038/s41550-019-0878-9

Used 1 times (75.25% best match)

guest campus-image-gallery-7.jpg UCL Image Stores

Used 18 times (80.75% best match)

guest campus-image-gallery-11.jpg copyright matt clayton. UCL Image Store.

Used 10 times (78% best match)

guest 002.png Image submitted by Ryuichi KANAI, a PhD student at statistical science department, UCL. The image is of the 3D image of the electron density with a bivariate spline fitting surface. In both case, the time 06:06:30 is 20 minutes after the earthquake occurrence. TEC means Total Electron Content, which is almost the same with the electron density. The earthquake and the change in the ionosphere followed by it have been studied intensively by many researchers.

Used 1 times (11.5% best match)

guest 001.png Image submitted by Ryuichi KANAI, a PhD student at statistical science department, UCL. the electron density in the ionosphere on 11th March 2011 near Japan. The red star mark expresses the location of the epicentre. On that day, Japan experienced a quite huge earthquake, magnitude was larger that 9.

Used 1 times (74% best match)

IXPE mission_618_Zane_Silvia.jpg
guest IXPE mission_618_Zane_Silvia.jpg Image Credit: Ball Aereospace

Used 182 times (88% best match)

guest Picture10.png

Used 1 times (52.75% best match)

MSSL JPA instrument results following 1986 Halley fly-by
guest MSSL JPA instrument results following 1986 Halley fly-by MSSL provided the JPA instrument on board the ESA Giotto mission to encounter Comet Halley. This image (provided by MSSL John Raymont) shows the fly-by results signed by all involved. (Posted by H.R.Nye, former ESA Head of Dept., and former Giotto Deputy S/C Operations Manager)

Used 4 times (85.5% best match)

Space Shuttle Columbia Returns after SpaceLab 1
guest Space Shuttle Columbia Returns after SpaceLab 1 MSSL was part of a collaboration led by ESA ESTEC, which built the Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter (GSPC) experiment no. ES023 for Spacelab 1 launched on board Columbia on a 10-day mission in 1983. (posted by H.R.Nye former ESA Head of Dept)

Used 63 times (82.75% best match)

guest QED_NS.jpg Press release illustrating the first evidence of QED vacuum birefringency Image from Prof Silvia Zane

Used 292 times (98.5% best match)

Space Poster Dec 2019a.png
uclspacedomain Space Poster Dec 2019a.png

Used 4 times (84.5% best match)

Space Poster Sept 2019_update.png
uclspacedomain Space Poster Sept 2019_update.png

Used 70 times (81.75% best match)

uclspacedomain DSC_4343_ESA_Stephen_Makin_2019.jpg

Used 33 times (90.25% best match)

uclspacedomain DSC_4500_ESA_Stephen_Makin_2019.jpg

Used 57 times (82% best match)

uclspacedomain BANNER MARK 2.png

Used 44 times (89.75% best match)

uclspacedomain Social_Media_Logo.jpg

Used 2 times (78.75% best match)

uclspacedomain Serge_Talk_5ab950de821646d6378b4707-1000x480.jpg

Used 10 times (89.25% best match)

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