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What is a photo mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a form of photo collage where many photos are not just arranged together, but arranged together in a way where the layout of all the photos resembles another picture. In simple terms, it’s a big picture made up of small little pictures.

How do photo mosaics work?

Photo mosaics work like digital images where you see an image based on the colors of the pixels that form the image. A photo mosaic simply uses other pictures as its pixels to make its image. So, our photo mosaic software analyzes the colors of the big picture and the colors of the small pictures, and then automatically places the small pictures in the best matched spots of the big picture. Sometimes if the big picture is really complicated, or if the colors of the small pictures do not match well with the colors of the big picture, the small pictures can be colorized to better match the big picture. Thereby allowing you to see the big picture more easily. You have full control over this process, and you can customize your mosaic to your liking.

Is photo mosaic art?

Some may think using a photo mosaic generator software to generate a photo mosaic for you is not really art, but we beg to differ. Mosaically is like another tool in an artist’s toolbox. Artists are artists not because they’re masters of the paintbrush, but they’re artists because of what they create. In that same sense, your choice of what photo mosaic you are going to make is what determines your art, not what tool. Not everyone with access to such a tool uses it, and not everyone who uses it, utilizes it for the same intentions. Would you consider it art if you used Photoshop to manually place the images? Or would you consider it art if you were to make a handmade photo mosaic painstakingly trying to place many different photos in different spots to achieve the perfect photo mosaic effect? Take photography for example, a camera is a tool, and the art is the subject matter that is being photographed. What about filmmakers? A filmmaker uses his or her tools to create their art. Just because you use an app to make something, doesn’t make whatever you created with the app any less significant.

What is Mosaically?

Mosaically ® is a free web app where you can easily create and share extremely high resolution zoomable photo mosaics with your own photos without downloading any programs. It works on most modern mobile devices such as an iPhone and iPad running the latest iOS, and most modern Android smartphones and tablets, as well as most modern Macs and Windows PC’s. Just about anywhere where you have a modern web browser that can access your photos. You can also use your photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. And if your photos are in multiple devices, you can add photos to your mosaic from multiple devices, or even allow others to add photos to your mosaic. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can keep it private, or make it public and share it with the whole world, and even embed it on your website or blog just like how you would embed a YouTube video. Your visitors will be able to zoom and see all the photos of your mosaic, and even search for their own photo that they added to your mosaic.

What can I do on Mosaically?

Mosaically is the best photo mosaic software to ever exist. It is advanced yet easy to use. And is the culmination of over 10 years of customer service experience and software development. There are many difficulties in creating the perfect custom photo mosaic, but we've made it as easy as possible. See all the Mosaically features below, and how they can save you time and improve your photo mosaic experience.

Make multiple versions without having to upload your photos again.

Manually Controllable
You can manually control which photos go where.

Face-aware Auto Crop
Automatically crops your photos so that everyone's faces are visible.

Collaborate with your friends. Let them add their own photos to your mosaic.

Find and locate where your photos are in your photo mosaic.

Put your mosaic on your own website or blog with zoom, play, search features.

Smoothly zoom and pan your ultra high-resolution photo mosaic

Automatically zoom and pan your photo mosaic

Trade Secret Algorithms
Secret algorithms we've developed to make your mosaic look best possible.

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Business, school, church, or non-profit?

Businesses, schools, churches, and non-profits all have two exceptional ingredients for photo mosaics. First is logos or mascots. Second is people, employees, students, members, supporters, and fans. Make a mosaic of your logo or mascot, with pictures of your people. The mosaic can then be used as public art, an awesome display at events, as content on your website or social media, or be auctioned off at a fundraiser auction.

If you’re a big business with a big budget, you might be interested in creating a hashtag photo mosaic online, or a live photo mosaic at your events using our API.

Create My Photo Mosaic

How to make a photo mosaic?

First you need photos, either on your devices, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos. Select the overall big picture you want your mosaic to look like, and then select all the small photos to make up the mosaic. And that’s it! That’s the minimum you have to do, but you’ll want to play around with some mosaic settings to tweak your mosaic into a masterpiece.

Tips on making a fantastic photo mosaic

Use a big picture that is simple. Simpler the better. And use the highest resolution big picture as possible. It’s really easy to make a photo mosaic in the shape of a heart, or in the shape of a number, or logo. If your big picture is not simple, then try to make it simple. For example if you’re making a photo mosaic of a tiger, and your big picture is a tiger with a large jungle background, then crop your big picture to just show the tiger without the background. Better yet, crop your big picture to the face of the tiger, and you will end up with a great photo mosaic. And use and add as many small pictures as possible. The number of small pictures you use determines the number of colors you have in your artist’s color palette. More small pictures means more potential good color matches with your big picture. After saving your mosaic, you can edit your mosaic using the photo mosaic editor feature on your mosaic. It will let you change which tiles go where manually. With this feature you can design a photo mosaic completely manually if you so desire.

Create My Photo Mosaic

Free Expert Review

Want to improve your photo mosaic? The photo mosaic creator tool we have made for you is simple and easy to use, but just like how mastering a paint brush to paint masterpieces like Picasso takes years of practice, using our photo mosaic tool to create your masterpiece might require a second opinion. Take advantage of our years of combined experience. Message us on live chat or email us the link to your mosaic. We will review your mosaic for possible improvements for free. We're not only here to provide you with the best photo mosaic software possible, but we’re here to help you make the best photo mosaic possible as well.

Love and be loved.

80th Birthday

"… But, mostly, I appreciate the fact that you had them here in time for my mom's 80th birthday and the posters are now hanging in her home where visitors can view them. This was the loveliest part of the whole event! My mom cried with happiness when she saw all of the older photos mixed with the new photos….her whole life on posters! THANK YOU! Rita" - Email from Aug 26, 2008
The Proposal

A guy from a small town met this girl. And they fell in love. He wanted to propose to her. So he thought about what to do. How he should propose. He thought about decorating the backyard with flowers, candles, and a sign that says “Will you marry me?” And an idea came to him that he should make a photo mosaic for her. So he made a mosaic of all their photos together. Photos that captured memories of them together was the highlight of his proposal decor. This mosaic was also displayed at their wedding. And now it hangs on their wall. And every time she walks by it, she’s reminded of that special moment. A special moment shared between just the two of them.
Firefighter's Tears

So there's this beautiful french lady. A fashionista. A mom. And a daughter. Her father was a firefighter. Real-life hero. Dedicated his entire career risking his life to save others. And for his retirement, she wanted something truly special for him. So she secretly reached out to his colleagues. And collected all their photos together over the years. She created a photo mosaic of him in full gear. And made a giant print. His retirement party was going great. And he was already getting a little emotional reminiscing over the good times and the sacrifices over the years. But he was holding it together. But when she finally presented his photo mosaic to him in front of everyone, and told him about how she made it with everyone's help, this hero could not hold back his tears any longer. He knew what it meant, and felt their heart touch his. This print now hangs at his home, and every time he walks by and looks at all the small pictures, it reminds him of all the different memories of his time, and of his daughter and colleagues' love and respect.
All your awesome photos that bring back good memories and moments. Are they meant to be just stored in albums on your phone or laptop?

No, they are meant to be enjoyed. Photo mosaics are the perfect way to bring your photos to light. It's like a photo album that hangs on a wall that showcases and enables you to see all the photos at once, while the arrangement of the photos combined reveals your favorite big picture from afar. That’s the beauty of photo mosaics. Light up on your memories.

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