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Watch tutorial or just try it

Watch tutorial or just try it
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Welcome to Mosaically

Create your photo mosaic online. Free. Fast. Easy. World's Highest Resolution Mosaics. Share. Collaborate. Order Prints. Free Download. Free Video Mosaic. Free Shipping Worldwide!

Create beautiful photo mosaics, share them with your friends, and invite them to add their own photos to your mosaic. It's free, fast, and easy. It's a web app, so you don't have to download any software, and works on Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. You don't even have to create an account. Download Once you have created something amazing, download social media optimized JPG and Video for free. Or buy an ultra high resolution download to take to a print shop of your choice, or you can order a print directly from us on one of our world's highest quality print media selections. It makes a truly wonderful gift.
Create My Photo Mosaic

How to create a photo mosaic?

Simply upload the big picture, which is the picture your mosaic will look like from far away, then add the small photos that will make up the mosaic. Within seconds, you will see ultra-high resolution zoomable photo mosaic, which you can customize further to your liking. At this point, you can share your mosaic, and invite others to add their photos to your mosaic. This is great because more photos you use, better your mosaic will be. It's also perfect for gathering photos with a group of friends and family to create the perfect gift for someone special.
Create My Photo Mosaic

What's free?

It's free to create, share, and collaborate. You can invite your friends and family, or even the whole world to add photos to your mosaic. Then you can share links to ultra high resolution zoomable photo mosaics online on social media and have your followers zoom in and see all of the small pictures, or you can even embed it on your own website or blog and let people search for photos they added to your mosaic. A social-media optimized download is also available for free. You also get a free video mosaic you can download and share when you click the Share button on your mosaic.
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How high resolution is it?

Our standard resolution photo mosaic is over 300 megapixels, or about 18,000 x 18,000 pixels, which is good enough to print as large as 5ft x 5ft and still see all the small pictures in sharp detail. That's about 25 times more high resolution than 12 megapixels on the latest and great iPhone, or about 35 times more high resolution than your 4K TV. But if you want to go bigger, we can get help you get up to 90 gigapixels, which is around 300,000 x 300,000 pixels, good for printing up to 80ft x 80ft, and still each all the small pictures in sharp detail. That's more than 10,000 times higher resolution than your 4K TV.
Create My Photo Mosaic

Is the download free?

Instagrammable resolution download is free, but the high resolution downloads are not free. Instagram download is about 1080 x 1080 pixels. It's the maximum resolution you can post on Instagram, but if you were to print it, it would come out blurry. Our standard high resolution download is over 300 megapixels, or about 18,000 x 18,000 pixels, and it's $39 to download, and all the pictures would come out sharp even if you were to print it 5 feet by 5 feet. If you wanted to print larger, you can opt for even higher resolution downloads all the way up to 90 gigapixels, or 300,000 x 300,000 pixels, which is 300 times higher resolution than our standard high resolution.
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Can I order prints?

Yes, we offer the highest quality prints you can get in the world, made in Germany, with free air shipping to most countries. You can get it on Premium Silver Halide, or Premium Frame so it's ready to gift when you receive it, or you can get it on Premium Canvas, Premium Acrylic, and even Premium Metal.
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Can I order videos?

Yes, there is a free video mosaic you can download when you click the Share button on your mosaic, to help you draw attention when sharing your mosaic on social media. You also click the Play button on your mosaic to play the mosaic as a video. But if you need something more than that for your event, we offer custom video productions starting $199.
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What can I customize about my photo mosaic?

You are the creator, artist, author, maker, and designer. Mosaically is your tool, your ally ;) your paintbrush for your art. You design the mosaic by picking the big picture, and adding all the photos that goes inside it. Then Mosaically will initially arrange them for you, but you have full control over exactly which photo goes to which spot. How big the small photos are. How much to colorize and superimpose the overall mosaic, or each individual tile. It's not much different than if you were to create it from scratch in Photoshop yourself manually placing each photo in the best spot manually. You can do that on Mosaically if you so choose. Just pick a blank white image as your big picture, and you will simply end up with a blank collage of photos, which you can manipulate into your big picture. Mosaically just automatically crops your pictures by detecting faces, and generates the initial positions for you to speed things up. But that's really just the final polishing at the end. Much like how the bulk of the work of a photographer or a painter is choosing their subject, the bulk of your creativity is choosing your subject of your mosaic that ultimately determine your art. It's your choices that breath meaning and life. Even more so when you are collaborating with others.
Create My Photo Mosaic

World's highest quality print media selections?

Not all prints are created equal. Printing itself is an art that requires great amount of science and precision. There are prints that cost $20 to make, and there are prints that cost $200 to make. It may not matter to most, it matters greatly when it comes to your mosaic art. The need to see each small photo in as sharp and vivid detail as possible is a need that most print shops and their limited printing technology cannot meet. We make your mosaic as high resolution as possible so that when it is printed using the right laser technology and traditional light-senitive photographic media, you will see tiny photos that are as sharp and vividly colorful as they can possibly get. This is a very different process than the convenient and fast inkjet technology available at most local print shops. It takes longer, and costs more, and it's hard work, but it lasts a lifetime, and it's ultimately what your art deserves, what you deserve, and whoever you might gift the mosaic to deserves. This is why we offer only the world's highest qualilty print media selections. We only bring before you the best-in-class each type of media can offer. So that whatever media you choose to put your mosaic on, you will know that it's the best you can get in the world.
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What makes a gift special?

What's the best gift you've ever received? Not the biggest, baddest, or the most expensive. But the one that still gives you the butterflies. What's so special about it is not the gift itself. But the giver, their love.

Love and be loved

firefighter mosaic

Firefighter's Tears

Hero. Risking his life to save others. For his retirement, his daughter secretly reached out to his fellow firefighters. Collected all their photos together over the years. Created a mosaic of him in his full gear. Giant print. Retirement party. Big reveal. He cries from the overwhelming love. Now it hangs at his home, and every time he walks by it, he is reminded of all the memories of his time, and of his daughter's love and colleagues' respect.
proposal mosaic

Marry me?

They fell in love. He wanted to propose to her. He decorated the backyard with flowers, candles, and a sign that says “Will you marry me?” And made a photo mosaic of all wonderful their memories together. It was also displayed at their wedding. Now it hangs on their wall. And every time they walk by it, they’re reminded of their special time together.

Create My Photo Mosaic