283 views since Sep 6, 2018 haileyflowers The big picture is a flag of the United States of America. The flag represents America as a whole. The flag is made up of little pictures that represent our social structure. Featured in the big picture is pictures of agriculture, money, USA Basketball team, football, trucks, books, The Army, food, and technology. Agriculture represents all of the farming community and our central way of making money. Money represents social structure because most Americans love money. The pictures of sports shows how sport oriented USA is portrayed throughout the world. Trucks represent more rural areas and farming towns. Books represent our education system and being able to provide for our careers. The Army represents people who serve for our freedom. Food represents American's cuisine. Technology represent future generations and the advancements of technology throughout the years.
Resolution: High Resolution is required
Small Pictures: 100
Colorization: 41%
Dimension: 91 x 48 (4,368 tiles)

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