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Trapped in Body; Free in Mind

Created on Dec 6, 2017
My creative project for literature class.

some pictures are mine or from family members. ones that are not mine come from one of the following sources:

“Dark Aesthetic Delights.” Tumblr,

“Development Aesthetics.” Tumblr,

“Nature Aesthetic.” Tumblr,

“Nature Aesthetic Blog.” Tumblr,

Trafalgar. “How Effective Is Our Prison System?” Steemit, 12 June 2017,

“...” Tumblr,

Colorization: 43%
Mosaic Dimension: 59 x 40
Tile Count: 2360
Tile Width: Tile Height:
Mosaic Width: 23600
Mosaic Height: 16000
Mosaic Hits: 469

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