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Lets Measure Our Water Footprint

172 views since May 31, 2020 serapkolemen Teachers eTwinning Project
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Dimension: 36 x 51 (1,836 tiles)
Colorization: 52%
Resolution: 15,120 x 21,420
Pixels: 323 Megapixels

Dilek Dağ
serapkolemen Dilek Dağ
Zuhal Öktem
serapkolemen Zuhal Öktem
H. Kübra Beşcan
serapkolemen H. Kübra Beşcan
Gizem Karayılan
serapkolemen Gizem Karayılan
Eleonora Burnete
serapkolemen Eleonora Burnete
Enrique Martin
serapkolemen Enrique Martin
Elif Akdoğan
serapkolemen Elif Akdoğan
Resul Saçar
serapkolemen Resul Saçar
Ayşe Burcu Öğüçbilek
serapkolemen Ayşe Burcu Öğüçbilek
Aysel Özgüneş
serapkolemen Aysel Özgüneş
Kader Güler
serapkolemen Kader Güler
Lucinda Cardoso
serapkolemen Lucinda Cardoso
Funda Çıray Özkara
serapkolemen Funda Çıray Özkara
Nur Karaman Kaval
serapkolemen Nur Karaman Kaval
Nuray Toparlak
serapkolemen Nuray Toparlak
Serap Yüce
serapkolemen Serap Yüce

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