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MenuSifu 2019 Christmas Tree

487 views since Dec 24, 2019 lizlu
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Dimension: 36 x 54 (1,944 tiles)
Colorization: 60%
Resolution: 14,400 x 21,600
Pixels: 311 Megapixels

WeChat Image_20180904115652.jpg
lizlu WeChat Image_20180904115652.jpg
lizlu IMG_0534.JPG
lizlu IMG_0088.JPG
lizlu IMG_0537.JPG
lizlu IMG_0276.JPG
lizlu IMG_0534.JPG
Cungang Xie.jpg
lizlu Cungang Xie.jpg
Bin Hu.png
lizlu Bin Hu.png
Chencheng Miu.png
lizlu Chencheng Miu.png
Bingbing Ge.png
lizlu Bingbing Ge.png
Chencai Xie.png
lizlu Chencai Xie.png
Changsheng Lu.jpg
lizlu Changsheng Lu.jpg
Cheng Sun.png
lizlu Cheng Sun.png
Huabin Xu.png
lizlu Huabin Xu.png
Guozhong Qian.png
lizlu Guozhong Qian.png
Heng Zhou.png
lizlu Heng Zhou.png
Hongyang Li.png
lizlu Hongyang Li.png
lizlu Fangwang.png
Fanfan Qian.png
lizlu Fanfan Qian.png
En Cheng.png
lizlu En Cheng.png
Guangfeng Dai.jpg
lizlu Guangfeng Dai.jpg
Hairong Zhou.jpg
lizlu Hairong Zhou.jpg
M0026-Guangfeng Dai Tech Support.jpg
lizlu M0026-Guangfeng Dai Tech Support.jpg
Jun Wang.jpg
lizlu Jun Wang.jpg
Junyu Qiu.png
lizlu Junyu Qiu.png
Jun Zhao.png
lizlu Jun Zhao.png
Jia Yang.png
lizlu Jia Yang.png
Lizheng Yang.png
lizlu Lizheng Yang.png
Jianjuan Wu.png
lizlu Jianjuan Wu.png
M0028-Jun Wang Operations.jpg
lizlu M0028-Jun Wang Operations.jpg

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