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Who am I as a contribution?

1344 views since Apr 28, 2023 mimimcgee profile pic mimimcgee This mosaic is a collage of images which answer the questions: 1. What do others acknowledge me for? Curiosity, passion, holding people and things together. I have been called "the glue" by friends. I a mom to my dog River, Auntie to dozens of nieces, nephews and grands, I am a sister, I am a friend. 2. What do I naturally contribute? I contribute love & trust and seeing the good in people, sometimes to a fault. I also, naturally, contribute FOOD, feeding people, bringing people to the table. 3. What could I mentor somebody else in? I can and have mentored people in learning cooking skills, tips, kitchen hacks, and many things regarding health and nutrition. 4. What am I good at? I feed people. I am good at self sabotage hahaha! I am good at bringing people together with food. All sorts sit at my table. I am good at organizing things - events, weddings, retreats, travel, etc. 5. What's easy for me? Riding my bike is easy for me! Creating delicious dishes with what is in the cupboard, no recipe OR what is leftover in the fridge! I can easily weave a basket, make a collage or jewelry from organic materials I find. I gather people together, that is easy for me. 6. What calls me out? I am not sure I have this question correct. Calling out to me means someone else is pointing out your shortcoming on something. Am I to point out my own shortcoming? What gets my goat? If so, my shortcomings are being a bit smarmy, critical, getting into downward spirals and self berating... low self worth, not seeing my own value. People call me out for these things. 7. What am I passionate about and can't help myself but to do? I love to DANCE! Nothing specific, like tango or salsa, etc. but just move my body. I am pretty passionate about exercise, hiking, biking, yoga, talking anything esoteric or alt. Of Course I LOVE food, nutrition and cooking. Can discuss and/or do anything involving those subjects all day long! Love to listen to others. Should we contribute more by being and not by doing? Doing is not always connected to how good we feel about ourselves.
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