15847 views since May 21, 2018 socrazy4 My final portrait project seems very simple, but each photo in this project connects to the theme of loneliness and how the people I care about in my life shaped me into the person I am today. The large picture is a photo of most of my friend group on Halloween hanging out. This idea of the group as a large photo is representative of how this group is a big idea in the portrait. Then, the larger mosaic is made up of smaller images, each representing either a person who has either been a role model to me or has been a friend that has shaped me slowly; or an experience I've had in my life that my friends and I have done. That includes an inside joke in the form of a Bruno Mars album cover or an activity like baking cakes. There are also some photos in there to give background to where I found most friends or things that at first gave us a reason to be friends, like similar taste in music or activities. There were a few photos added in by the website itself, to make the larger image more clear and visible. I chose this Mosaic format because I wanted to show that these people, these experiences, are what figuratively make me, by showing them physically make me. The mosaic all connects to my writing because each writing has a common theme, loneliness, and how this idea and the people there to fight it, have shaped me, all because we have gone through the similar times. Loneliness is shown in the poem "Together" by talking about how someone else who has gone through the same thing can bring you out of the darkness and depression you face. Then, that idea connects it to "America, The Home of the Immigrant" and "Ready Player One, The Message Behind The Screens" by talking about how interactions between people who care about you and support you, can shape you into a better person, all just by caring about you.
Resolution: High Resolution is required
Small Pictures: 100
Colorization: 64%
Dimension: 42 x 75 (3,150 tiles)

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