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Dimension: 36 x 36 (1,296 tiles)
Colorization: 51%
Resolution: 18,000 x 18,000
Pixels: 324 Megapixels

amiyah  ellsworth  - 303A9B00-4570-4987-AFBC-592F298E8C1B.jpeg
sdelawder amiyah ellsworth - 303A9B00-4570-4987-AFBC-592F298E8C1B.jpeg
Abigail Barquero - 7FDAB0AF-B33C-438B-8E83-1C4D7972352D.jpeg
sdelawder Abigail Barquero - 7FDAB0AF-B33C-438B-8E83-1C4D7972352D.jpeg
Andrew Anders - andrew-class23.jpg
sdelawder Andrew Anders - andrew-class23.jpg
A Avanessian - IMG-2366.jpg
sdelawder A Avanessian - IMG-2366.jpg
Andrew Espinoza - BE6ABDAB-66E7-447B-9F59-59D2C7CB953B.jpeg
sdelawder Andrew Espinoza - BE6ABDAB-66E7-447B-9F59-59D2C7CB953B.jpeg
Abhay Khanna - Abhay Pic.jpeg
sdelawder Abhay Khanna - Abhay Pic.jpeg
Carla Sophia Velasco - 7B048807-32D2-4B3B-BE95-1CFE37D00860.jpeg
sdelawder Carla Sophia Velasco - 7B048807-32D2-4B3B-BE95-1CFE37D00860.jpeg
Brandon  Bellinger  - image.jpg
sdelawder Brandon Bellinger - image.jpg
Britney  Ly - 48A33DF1-669D-469D-B7B9-596D2A209DE5.jpeg
sdelawder Britney Ly - 48A33DF1-669D-469D-B7B9-596D2A209DE5.jpeg
Anthony Martinez - Anthony A. Martinez.jpg
sdelawder Anthony Martinez - Anthony A. Martinez.jpg
Anthony Jameson - DSC_0036.JPG
sdelawder Anthony Jameson - DSC_0036.JPG
Caitlin Basham - IMG_2009.JPG
sdelawder Caitlin Basham - IMG_2009.JPG
Anika Mailey Sta. Maria - WIN_20200412_17_45_23_Pro.jpg
sdelawder Anika Mailey Sta. Maria - WIN_20200412_17_45_23_Pro.jpg
Benjamin Cambia - 643A2517-0FDD-414F-82D0-5B720E16F7C2.jpeg
sdelawder Benjamin Cambia - 643A2517-0FDD-414F-82D0-5B720E16F7C2.jpeg
Ava Paulsen - IMG_1815.jpg
sdelawder Ava Paulsen - IMG_1815.jpg
Diego  Spross - IMG_4899.jpg
sdelawder Diego Spross - IMG_4899.jpg
Catherine Carstens - F82BFCB6-69B8-4C48-BE7E-FB31851F625D.png
sdelawder Catherine Carstens - F82BFCB6-69B8-4C48-BE7E-FB31851F625D.png
Christopher Casey - 8D063B25-D1CE-49FE-B73B-E842F8332EA3.jpeg
sdelawder Christopher Casey - 8D063B25-D1CE-49FE-B73B-E842F8332EA3.jpeg
Dominic Marcucilli - 689A0335-69D6-4EC2-A65D-40C08FB6068F.jpeg
sdelawder Dominic Marcucilli - 689A0335-69D6-4EC2-A65D-40C08FB6068F.jpeg
Christianna Lopez - IMG-3246.PNG
sdelawder Christianna Lopez - IMG-3246.PNG
Chloe Colgan - 84D4EE67-69BE-4926-AA94-5DF385A0C058.jpeg
sdelawder Chloe Colgan - 84D4EE67-69BE-4926-AA94-5DF385A0C058.jpeg
chloe nguyen - C6F76F88-2FBC-4B5D-B19D-44CEF6D5941B.jpeg
sdelawder chloe nguyen - C6F76F88-2FBC-4B5D-B19D-44CEF6D5941B.jpeg
Donavan Gordon - FB_IMG_1585337446174.jpg
sdelawder Donavan Gordon - FB_IMG_1585337446174.jpg
Emily  Alvarado  - 4696D112-3DFF-43BF-8448-7E55661ACE6D.png
sdelawder Emily Alvarado - 4696D112-3DFF-43BF-8448-7E55661ACE6D.png
Flor  Estela  - E5059127-52DF-4520-8DB9-D2DF8793F7EC.jpeg
sdelawder Flor Estela - E5059127-52DF-4520-8DB9-D2DF8793F7EC.jpeg
Genevieve  Chapin - 32C0EF49-7F73-4323-A37F-61003BB8D9D3.jpeg
sdelawder Genevieve Chapin - 32C0EF49-7F73-4323-A37F-61003BB8D9D3.jpeg
Emily Cammarata - 2726C4D0-4D9C-44A1-89FA-58F2BAFB03E7.jpeg
sdelawder Emily Cammarata - 2726C4D0-4D9C-44A1-89FA-58F2BAFB03E7.jpeg
Ethan Silva - 47A57B37-FA7A-41D7-87BB-1C4CD49E218B.jpeg
sdelawder Ethan Silva - 47A57B37-FA7A-41D7-87BB-1C4CD49E218B.jpeg
Gabriel Veltri - F4485239-AA1B-438E-901C-94E0C586CCFB.jpeg
sdelawder Gabriel Veltri - F4485239-AA1B-438E-901C-94E0C586CCFB.jpeg
Emma Dayrit - F8389F94-EB95-4DA1-879E-30AA6CEA1C11.jpeg
sdelawder Emma Dayrit - F8389F94-EB95-4DA1-879E-30AA6CEA1C11.jpeg

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