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LHS Nakayoshi Kai Crane Mosaic Project

1054 views since May 30, 2020 brendanomura In Japan, a crane is a symbol of longevity and good luck for recovery from illness due to the belief of its 1000 year life span. The Leilehua High School Nakayoshi Kai Japanese club created this project to share messages of hope and encouragement for our world's recovery from the Covid19 pandemic. The project was promoted through Google classrooms, social media and emails. Students and members of the community were encouraged to make cranes and submit a photo. We hope that this mosaic will bring bring smiles to the people who see it.
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Dimension: 31 x 24 (744 tiles)
Colorization: 60%
Resolution: 19,840 x 15,360
Pixels: 304 Megapixels

BrendaNomura IMG_0506.jpg
BrendaNomura IMG_0502.jpg
BrendaNomura IMG_5080.JPG
B1ABD5CA-3F33-4CB2-8C06-BA16F24D378A - Wayne Yagi.jpeg
BrendaNomura B1ABD5CA-3F33-4CB2-8C06-BA16F24D378A - Wayne Yagi.jpeg
EAABAF5E-5529-4E03-A483-50757A4F2BD7 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura EAABAF5E-5529-4E03-A483-50757A4F2BD7 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
Copy of E1243565-126E-41B3-A004-7A56271D52FD - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura Copy of E1243565-126E-41B3-A004-7A56271D52FD - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
AB354BFC-99FB-4CB4-9EB3-78869CE24D30 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura AB354BFC-99FB-4CB4-9EB3-78869CE24D30 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
Bryan Nomura - F4D4BFD5-EA67-4B5F-9B75-3193526F191A.jpeg
BrendaNomura Bryan Nomura - F4D4BFD5-EA67-4B5F-9B75-3193526F191A.jpeg
60D35AC2-F7B8-4D80-A6A4-CB1EE43F24BB - Mari Miyasato.jpeg
BrendaNomura 60D35AC2-F7B8-4D80-A6A4-CB1EE43F24BB - Mari Miyasato.jpeg
Bryan Nomura - 056F7615-2D37-47C6-8613-BE013088DCFA.jpeg
BrendaNomura Bryan Nomura - 056F7615-2D37-47C6-8613-BE013088DCFA.jpeg
37358824-EED5-49C0-AEE3-31A13B258E7F - Leah Chincio.jpeg
BrendaNomura 37358824-EED5-49C0-AEE3-31A13B258E7F - Leah Chincio.jpeg
C2BA32C1-6897-4B88-94FE-5EEA8A9ACBB0 - JUDY Tome.jpeg
BrendaNomura C2BA32C1-6897-4B88-94FE-5EEA8A9ACBB0 - JUDY Tome.jpeg
759A4B4F-1256-48FA-B5FE-62B5140A14F2 - Joyce Faith Newman(1).jpeg
BrendaNomura 759A4B4F-1256-48FA-B5FE-62B5140A14F2 - Joyce Faith Newman(1).jpeg
A8DFE246-DF94-427E-B029-DF086FE393D2 - Branxton Sanchez.jpeg
BrendaNomura A8DFE246-DF94-427E-B029-DF086FE393D2 - Branxton Sanchez.jpeg
345CB62A-7BF2-4F88-90AC-0F53F82280DC - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura 345CB62A-7BF2-4F88-90AC-0F53F82280DC - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
82469C41-2D24-4A1F-8F01-E9C27AD024CB - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura 82469C41-2D24-4A1F-8F01-E9C27AD024CB - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
B218E13A-69F7-467F-8B42-B05F36D5ED3A - yovz.jpeg
BrendaNomura B218E13A-69F7-467F-8B42-B05F36D5ED3A - yovz.jpeg
3A3996B5-ABF4-45C6-8FA5-8B4EA9FBD927 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura 3A3996B5-ABF4-45C6-8FA5-8B4EA9FBD927 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
Bryan Nomura - F4B3B276-B559-4F42-B844-8B55A2D04EFA.jpeg
BrendaNomura Bryan Nomura - F4B3B276-B559-4F42-B844-8B55A2D04EFA.jpeg
20072643-29C7-4A28-945C-BD058CF8ECAB - yovz.jpeg
BrendaNomura 20072643-29C7-4A28-945C-BD058CF8ECAB - yovz.jpeg
8494CA3A-4BAB-44A0-8040-E19AD43FDABE - Kristine Suyama.jpeg
BrendaNomura 8494CA3A-4BAB-44A0-8040-E19AD43FDABE - Kristine Suyama.jpeg
image - Aiden Woodard.jpg
BrendaNomura image - Aiden Woodard.jpg
D74E19B8-FD0D-42FF-8E58-DF13D73833A3 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura D74E19B8-FD0D-42FF-8E58-DF13D73833A3 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
EEC6F2C5-FDAC-4586-9B18-97AFF82CF58D - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura EEC6F2C5-FDAC-4586-9B18-97AFF82CF58D - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
Bryan Nomura - A755FE1E-3B58-4A2C-A79B-9FA882DFB50A.jpeg
BrendaNomura Bryan Nomura - A755FE1E-3B58-4A2C-A79B-9FA882DFB50A.jpeg
F39A09F1-413E-4A5F-B5B6-A0A7FD0274C7 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
BrendaNomura F39A09F1-413E-4A5F-B5B6-A0A7FD0274C7 - Brenda Nomura.jpeg
2E78AB2C-ECB1-4AD4-9289-A22D9B164EB8 - Hannah Kuder.jpeg
BrendaNomura 2E78AB2C-ECB1-4AD4-9289-A22D9B164EB8 - Hannah Kuder.jpeg
Copy of F61DCC2E-D4C4-4B66-8975-CF9BBD362983 - Carla Lum.jpeg
BrendaNomura Copy of F61DCC2E-D4C4-4B66-8975-CF9BBD362983 - Carla Lum.jpeg
IMG_20200518_220456 - 菊池菜々子.jpg
BrendaNomura IMG_20200518_220456 - 菊池菜々子.jpg
C8D44F49-10C4-48FD-BB10-8931BFA72468 - Kayla Cacatian.jpeg
BrendaNomura C8D44F49-10C4-48FD-BB10-8931BFA72468 - Kayla Cacatian.jpeg

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