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Paterson- Spread Happiness not a Virus

460 views since Jun 17, 2020 nemethm This is artwork created by 4th grade during e-Learning and their message to our school.

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Dimension: 36 x 36 (1,296 tiles)
Colorization: 60%
Resolution: 18,000 x 18,000
Pixels: 324 Megapixels

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Small Pictures

Adrian U.PNG
nemethm Adrian U.PNG
Alexander W 2.PNG
nemethm Alexander W 2.PNG
Alexander W.PNG
nemethm Alexander W.PNG
Allison M.PNG
nemethm Allison M.PNG
Anna N 2.PNG
nemethm Anna N 2.PNG
Anna N 3.PNG
nemethm Anna N 3.PNG
Anna N 4.PNG
nemethm Anna N 4.PNG
Anna N.PNG
nemethm Anna N.PNG
Brayden F.PNG
nemethm Brayden F.PNG
Brendan B 2.PNG
nemethm Brendan B 2.PNG
Brendan B.PNG
nemethm Brendan B.PNG
Brookelynn R.PNG
nemethm Brookelynn R.PNG
Charlotte B 2.PNG
nemethm Charlotte B 2.PNG
Charlotte B 3.PNG
nemethm Charlotte B 3.PNG
charlotte b.PNG
nemethm charlotte b.PNG
Chase N.PNG
nemethm Chase N.PNG
Chloe R.PNG
nemethm Chloe R.PNG
Christina C 2.PNG
nemethm Christina C 2.PNG
Christina C 3.PNG
nemethm Christina C 3.PNG
Christina C.PNG
nemethm Christina C.PNG
Clara B 2.PNG
nemethm Clara B 2.PNG
Clara B 3.PNG
nemethm Clara B 3.PNG
Clara B 4.PNG
nemethm Clara B 4.PNG
Clara B.PNG
nemethm Clara B.PNG
Colin P.PNG
nemethm Colin P.PNG
Elijah B 2.PNG
nemethm Elijah B 2.PNG
Devin J.PNG
nemethm Devin J.PNG
Elijah B 3.PNG
nemethm Elijah B 3.PNG
Elijah B 4.PNG
nemethm Elijah B 4.PNG
Elijah B.PNG
nemethm Elijah B.PNG

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