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act i. Renaissance

2765 views since Aug 25, 2023 samuelquinyones profile pic samuelquinyones act i. Renaissance This is a 72x72 photo mosaic. There are only 5,184 spots to fill. 5k spots available. Upload your best selfie and beycome the VISUALS Notes: - One selfie per person. - You can add your name and a description to your picture once it has been uploaded. - Pictures will duplicate themselves until all the 5,184 spots have been occupied. Once all the spots have been filled, the website won't allow more pictures. - Every time someone uploads a picture, the imagen will refresh on it's own and you will be able to see your picture. If for some reason doesn't refresh itself, please let me now and I will try to fix it as soon as I'm able to. - The website has an "inappropriate pictures" filter so you will be able to see your picture only and the ones that have been approved previously. It will send me an email every time one of you upload a picture. I will try my best to keep it updated, so you're able to see every one's pictures as well in real time. - Once the photo mosaic has been completed, we will be able to download it. The website can print it and mail it to your for $ but that's up to every one of y'all. Thank you for helping me and beying part of it 🐝
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449 Small Pictures Added (More Mosaic Stats)
Dimension: 72 x 72 (5,184 tiles)
Colorization: 60%
Resolution: 18,720 x 18,720
Pixels: 350 Megapixels

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