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Our Singhealth CCF@Expo Heroes

554 views since Jun 12, 2020 hpsp123 No matter what your role was, each of you played an integral part in the journey of the residents during their stay at Singhealth CCF@Expo. The individual efforts came together to create a beautiful picture of care and love that was felt by all the residents! Kudos to our CCF heroes! Find yourself in this mosaic!

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125 Small Pictures Added (More Mosaic Stats)
Dimension: 36 x 36 (1,296 tiles)
Colorization: 54%
Resolution: 18,000 x 18,000
Pixels: 324 Megapixels

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Small Pictures

20200602_172624 - Nagavalli Somasundaram.jpg
hpsp123 20200602_172624 - Nagavalli Somasundaram.jpg
856C45AB-471F-46CA-ADDA-E8CD785144DB - Mel Cyl.jpeg
hpsp123 856C45AB-471F-46CA-ADDA-E8CD785144DB - Mel Cyl.jpeg
0A9BF545-BF05-4B9D-96CB-F7FEF41F1AB6 - Randall Romanes.jpeg
hpsp123 0A9BF545-BF05-4B9D-96CB-F7FEF41F1AB6 - Randall Romanes.jpeg
3EFA4D7A-09CF-4B3C-ACB3-EB14C6D2037B - Azur CHANNEL.jpeg
hpsp123 3EFA4D7A-09CF-4B3C-ACB3-EB14C6D2037B - Azur CHANNEL.jpeg
IMG-20200611-WA0012 - Edgar Edualino.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200611-WA0012 - Edgar Edualino.jpg
59726C45-8B30-40F7-BC67-A03A4113D3A9 - Emily Ang.jpeg
hpsp123 59726C45-8B30-40F7-BC67-A03A4113D3A9 - Emily Ang.jpeg
IMG-20200530-WA0004 - Wancheng Chow.jpeg
hpsp123 IMG-20200530-WA0004 - Wancheng Chow.jpeg
4D2488F7-DBF8-4B01-9260-8D6D230EFE05 - Daphne Cheong.jpeg
hpsp123 4D2488F7-DBF8-4B01-9260-8D6D230EFE05 - Daphne Cheong.jpeg
IMG-20200607-WA0003 - Sarah L..jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200607-WA0003 - Sarah L..jpg
43480FC1-B3FB-482A-AC8C-892C47C2B59D - Randall Romanes.jpeg
hpsp123 43480FC1-B3FB-482A-AC8C-892C47C2B59D - Randall Romanes.jpeg
ECA7C095-5BA4-480D-B20A-8F59FFFF3FF2 - Aland Shum.jpeg
hpsp123 ECA7C095-5BA4-480D-B20A-8F59FFFF3FF2 - Aland Shum.jpeg
IMG-20200606-WA0030 - Ng Cindy.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200606-WA0030 - Ng Cindy.jpg
IMG-20200611-WA0013 - Edgar Edualino.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200611-WA0013 - Edgar Edualino.jpg
IMG-20200607-WA0006 - Crystal Lim.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200607-WA0006 - Crystal Lim.jpg
94A3DBD6-3FEE-4CF6-92E4-3AD21C91BC60 - shabita chathoo.jpeg
hpsp123 94A3DBD6-3FEE-4CF6-92E4-3AD21C91BC60 - shabita chathoo.jpeg
20200601_145729 - mothi babu.jpg
hpsp123 20200601_145729 - mothi babu.jpg
IMG20200601115615 - Zhou Yi.jpg
hpsp123 IMG20200601115615 - Zhou Yi.jpg
20200601_120457 - Than Zaw Oo.jpg
hpsp123 20200601_120457 - Than Zaw Oo.jpg
15910046549463131981636660967176 - Vijaya Rao.jpg
hpsp123 15910046549463131981636660967176 - Vijaya Rao.jpg
SmartSelect_20200528-183950_Gallery - Ng Cindy.jpg
hpsp123 SmartSelect_20200528-183950_Gallery - Ng Cindy.jpg
IMG-20200529-WA0067 - Ng Cindy.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200529-WA0067 - Ng Cindy.jpg
9073C8DA-C717-4BFB-953D-8D18556E81D7 - Heywhimsical.jpeg
hpsp123 9073C8DA-C717-4BFB-953D-8D18556E81D7 - Heywhimsical.jpeg
IMG-20200530-WA0008 - Chelmarie Domingo.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200530-WA0008 - Chelmarie Domingo.jpg
AB2FFF2D-442B-4B3C-8716-8B77E16B986E - Azur CHANNEL.jpeg
hpsp123 AB2FFF2D-442B-4B3C-8716-8B77E16B986E - Azur CHANNEL.jpeg
87974D2A-DCE5-4ADC-A69B-527CF38A5E9B - Emily Ang.jpeg
hpsp123 87974D2A-DCE5-4ADC-A69B-527CF38A5E9B - Emily Ang.jpeg
15909844334601520570245295059910 - Vivian Chan.jpg
hpsp123 15909844334601520570245295059910 - Vivian Chan.jpg
20200529_135130 - Daniel Ting.jpg
hpsp123 20200529_135130 - Daniel Ting.jpg
E129D05E-BC5F-4D9B-B808-B1C781B36BBF - Emily Ang.jpeg
hpsp123 E129D05E-BC5F-4D9B-B808-B1C781B36BBF - Emily Ang.jpeg
3930B896-DF70-42C4-8A1A-15DCBA24D394 - Emily Ang.jpeg
hpsp123 3930B896-DF70-42C4-8A1A-15DCBA24D394 - Emily Ang.jpeg
IMG-20200606-WA0016 - Ng Cindy.jpg
hpsp123 IMG-20200606-WA0016 - Ng Cindy.jpg

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