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No More Empty Promises: TPS for Nicaragua, Leah

1706 views since Sep 13, 2023 tpscentralamerica profile pic tpscentralamerica My name is Leah and I'm from Miami, Florida. I have been an activist for my community but most importantly I have been advocating for my mom and dad to benefit from the redesignation of TPS for Nicaragua. Over the years I have feared that I would lose my parents to deportation, that my family will be separated and I'd be left alone. My parents' future in Florida is uncertain because of a negative anti-immigrant policy, SB1718, which means that the likelihood of them being detained and deported are very high. TPS for my parents will mean that they will be able to see me grow up. I recently graduated high school and I want them to see me graduate medical school as a nurse. They will be able to live here with no fear. This year I will be exercising my right to vote.
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