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223 views since Nov 23, 2019 natalie19019 “It is well known that humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation" -Mans search for meaning, Viktor E. Frankl
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Dimension: 36 x 54 (1,944 tiles)
Colorization: 51%
Resolution: 14,400 x 21,600
Pixels: 311 Megapixels

lem is.png
natalie19019 lem is.png
casino group.png
natalie19019 casino group.png
natalie19019 elevator.png
natalie19019 emmarocks.png
Pumpkin carving .png
natalie19019 Pumpkin carving .png
kayla brick.png
natalie19019 kayla brick.png
Battleship group.png
natalie19019 Battleship group.png
walking mackinaw bridge.png
natalie19019 walking mackinaw bridge.png
natalie19019 tubbing.png
Texas roadhouse fundraiser.png
natalie19019 Texas roadhouse fundraiser.png
science confrance.png
natalie19019 science confrance.png
rommies caractatures.png
natalie19019 rommies caractatures.png
Matching PJ.png
natalie19019 Matching PJ.png
Logan and I.png
natalie19019 Logan and I.png
natalie19019 liv.png
Liv casino .png
natalie19019 Liv casino .png
liv and I at Michigan.png
natalie19019 liv and I at Michigan.png
laughing on couch.png
natalie19019 laughing on couch.png
natalie19019 Larzy.jpg
larzy battleship group.png
natalie19019 larzy battleship group.png
kayla and me.png
natalie19019 kayla and me.png
homcoming trivia.png
natalie19019 homcoming trivia.png
football game.png
natalie19019 football game.png
first time at wayside.png
natalie19019 first time at wayside.png
falling of tub.png
natalie19019 falling of tub.png
CMU sign.gif
natalie19019 CMU sign.gif
Christmas sweaters.png
natalie19019 Christmas sweaters.png
1st football game.png
natalie19019 1st football game.png
1st football game group.png
natalie19019 1st football game group.png
Rocky Horror.png
natalie19019 Rocky Horror.png

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