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Virtual Mosaic Wall

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Reaghan Wilson BC event.jpg
guest Reaghan Wilson BC event.jpg Komen Greater Fort Worth youngest volunteer and Miss Texas, Reaghan Wilson, doing her part by making and passing out breast cancer ribbons she made to her classmates.
Reaghan Wilson BC event-2.jpg
guest Reaghan Wilson BC event-2.jpg Miss Texas and our youngest volunteer, Reaghan Wilson, passing out ribbons to her classmates. Reaghan wanted to do as much as she could so she started a team and asked her classmates to join her in the fight.
Reaghan Wilson BC event-4.jpg
guest Reaghan Wilson BC event-4.jpg Reaghan Wilson taking a minute to pose for a picture while passing out breast cancer ribbons to her classmates.
Reaghan Wilson BC event-3.jpg
guest Reaghan Wilson BC event-3.jpg Reaghan Wilson passing out breast cancer ribbons to her classmates in support of her team for the 2020 More Than Pink Walk.
Peg's Couture SGK event.jpg
guest Peg's Couture SGK event.jpg
Vince Adams State Farm.jpg
guest Vince Adams State Farm.jpg Vince Adams, 2020 Pink Tie Guy kicking off breast cancer awareness month in pink and supporting Komen Greater Fort Worth and the More Than Pink Walk
IMG_4888 (1).jpg
guest IMG_4888 (1).jpg
guest IMG_4889.jpg Kate Melton
guest IMG_4893.jpg Kate Melton and Classy Chassies
guest IMG_4897.jpg Kate Melton and Classy Chassies
guest IMG_4903.jpg
guest IMG_4906.jpg
guest 20201004_070701.jpg For Priscilla, Heidi, and Aubrey!
guest 20201004_083015.jpg I walked in honor of three ladies. My coworker Priscilla who is a survivor of breast cancer! And for my friend Heidi who was a teacher and died three years ago from breast cancer. Also for my fraternity brother Aubrey who died several years ago from breast cancer. Heidi and Aubrey gone way too soon
Sharon Brown
guest Sharon Brown I loss my mom to metastatic breast cancer on January 23, 2017...I loved her but God loved her more and though my mom is gone she’s never forgotten. (srb)
Melvina King - 47 year Breast Cancer survivor
guest Melvina King - 47 year Breast Cancer survivor My breast cancer struggle takes my breath away but it hasn’t taken my life. I’ll fight until I have no more fight in me and I don’t see that happening!
guest 0970A990-EF5E-46C2-96F2-390F124D928F.jpeg
542A7311 Kroger.jpg
guest 542A7311 Kroger.jpg
guest Tent.PNG
Katherine Stephens.jpg
guest Katherine Stephens.jpg
Darla Green.jpg
guest Darla Green.jpg
guest 542A1998.jpg
guest 542A1994.jpg
Debbie Kimbriel.jpg
guest Debbie Kimbriel.jpg
survivor pic.png
guest survivor pic.png
Rozanne & Joan.PNG
guest Rozanne & Joan.PNG
Rozanne, Rosalyn and Rozanne's Mother.jpg
guest Rozanne, Rosalyn and Rozanne's Mother.jpg
Mosaic Wall GFTW.jpg
guest Mosaic Wall GFTW.jpg
guest Survivors.jpg
Komen Fort Worth Post.png
guest Komen Fort Worth Post.png

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