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Dimension: 54 x 36 (1,944 tiles)
Colorization: 59%
Resolution: 21,600 x 14,400
Pixels: 311 Megapixels

sanket92 IMG_20191029_163734_Bokeh.jpg
sanket92 pic1.jpg
Saurabh Kumar - GI1514.jpg
sanket92 Saurabh Kumar - GI1514.jpg
Vivek Ratakonda - 1139.jpg
sanket92 Vivek Ratakonda - 1139.jpg
Aftab Alam Khan - 1444.jpg
sanket92 Aftab Alam Khan - 1444.jpg
Prateek Dua - 270.jpg
sanket92 Prateek Dua - 270.jpg
Shubham Jaroli - GI1625.jpg
sanket92 Shubham Jaroli - GI1625.jpg
Prerna Arya - 50.jpg
sanket92 Prerna Arya - 50.jpg
Ravi Narayan Mahawar - GI1599.jpg
sanket92 Ravi Narayan Mahawar - GI1599.jpg
Shubham Sharma - 1374.jpg
sanket92 Shubham Sharma - 1374.jpg
Varun Kashyap - 516.jpg
sanket92 Varun Kashyap - 516.jpg
Bandi Yaswanth Kumar - 1076.jpg
sanket92 Bandi Yaswanth Kumar - 1076.jpg
Naveen Setia - GI1533.jpg
sanket92 Naveen Setia - GI1533.jpg
Mohit Kohli - 590.jpg
sanket92 Mohit Kohli - 590.jpg
Syed Aamir Aarfi - GI1736.jpg
sanket92 Syed Aamir Aarfi - GI1736.jpg
Rahul Ranjan - 1059.jpg
sanket92 Rahul Ranjan - 1059.jpg
Javed Hussain - 1475.jpg
sanket92 Javed Hussain - 1475.jpg
Ankit Mittal - 329.jpg
sanket92 Ankit Mittal - 329.jpg
Harneet Singh - 1058.jpg
sanket92 Harneet Singh - 1058.jpg
Aryan Bhardwaj - GI1616.jpg
sanket92 Aryan Bhardwaj - GI1616.jpg
Ashutosh Singh - GI1659.jpg
sanket92 Ashutosh Singh - GI1659.jpg
Sonu Singh - 465.jpg
sanket92 Sonu Singh - 465.jpg
Raunak Nandan Singh - GI1643.jpg
sanket92 Raunak Nandan Singh - GI1643.jpg
Deepika  - GI1661.jpg
sanket92 Deepika - GI1661.jpg
M Tagore Chowdhary - 19.jpg
sanket92 M Tagore Chowdhary - 19.jpg
Shubham Bhaskar Nikumbe - 1438.jpg
sanket92 Shubham Bhaskar Nikumbe - 1438.jpg
Arpit Khandelwal - GI1624.jpg
sanket92 Arpit Khandelwal - GI1624.jpg
Alok Kumar - GI1623.jpg
sanket92 Alok Kumar - GI1623.jpg
Pawan Sharma - 777.jpg
sanket92 Pawan Sharma - 777.jpg
Vivek Walecha - 969.jpg
sanket92 Vivek Walecha - 969.jpg

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