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Mo' A muse of love

4224 views since May 26, 2022 tomifresh profile pic tomifresh A woman, a rose petal, clothed in skin made of beauty, selflessness, love, and kindness. Smile so soft and beautiful it feels like cotton. Like dandelions, your beauty blooms every morning and radiates the intensity of your worth. When I think of you, I think of life meaningless without you. You are life and everything to me, I want to love you like the air you breathe in and be close to you like hair to your skin. From a little red bud to a single rose, You are my rose bouquet. A symbol of love and a fountain of emotions.. Every day with you feels like the morning sunlight, Every day with you feels like gentle waves of the ocean, I could sit all day just to watch and be lost in the wonders of your beauty. Your love, like a rose flower, gives me a sense of happiness, a sense of belonging. Your smile, like the full moon on a dark night, illuminates my life and gives me a pure essence of gentle loving. Your love again feels like soft velvety petals smooth to touch, Still thorny on the edges and they prick me once in a while But I still love it because it grabs my attention and reminds me To handle you with care because you are a treasure so rare. My treasure, My rose flower, My muse, My Mo.
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