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mosaique art

252 views since Jun 7, 2020 rubyringette
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Dimension: 36 x 47 (1,692 tiles)
Colorization: 44%
Resolution: 15,840 x 20,680
Pixels: 327 Megapixels

flora and ulysses.jpg
rubyringette flora and ulysses.jpg
harry potter 3.jpg
rubyringette harry potter 3.jpg
anne of green gables.jpg
rubyringette anne of green gables.jpg
harry potter 1.jpeg
rubyringette harry potter 1.jpeg
harry potter 2.jpeg
rubyringette harry potter 2.jpeg
because of winn-dixie.jpg
rubyringette because of winn-dixie.jpg
counting by 7s.jpg
rubyringette counting by 7s.jpg
a mango shaped space.jpg
rubyringette a mango shaped space.jpg
louisianas way home.jpg
rubyringette louisianas way home.jpg
harry potter 6.jpg
rubyringette harry potter 6.jpg
harry potter 5.jpg
rubyringette harry potter 5.jpg
other words for home.jpg
rubyringette other words for home.jpg
harry potter 4.jpg
rubyringette harry potter 4.jpg
hate that cat.jpg
rubyringette hate that cat.jpg
harry potter 7.webp
rubyringette harry potter 7.webp
love that dog.jpeg
rubyringette love that dog.jpeg
rubyringette moo.jpg
raymie nightingale.jpg
rubyringette raymie nightingale.jpg
rule of one.jpg
rubyringette rule of one.jpg
ruby holler.jpeg
rubyringette ruby holler.jpeg
rubyringette rules.jpg
out of my mind.jpg
rubyringette out of my mind.jpg
snow flower and the secret fan.jpg
rubyringette snow flower and the secret fan.jpg
the underneath.jpg
rubyringette the underneath.jpg
the fault in our stars.jpg
rubyringette the fault in our stars.jpg
the giver.jpg
rubyringette the giver.jpg
the maze runner.png
rubyringette the maze runner.png
the land of stories.jpg
rubyringette the land of stories.jpg
rubyringette wonder.png
we were liars.jpg
rubyringette we were liars.jpg

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