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Rita Hester - Transgender Day of Remembrance

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T.T. Saffore.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs T.T. Saffore.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Robertinha.jpg
Maria Luiza.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Maria Luiza.jpg
Aniya Parker.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Aniya Parker.jpg
Sheila dos Santos.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Sheila dos Santos.jpg
Mexico - Nataly Briyth Sanchez.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Mexico - Nataly Briyth Sanchez.jpg
K.c. Haggard, 66.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs K.c. Haggard, 66.jpg
Paraguay - Marcelino Soler Fernandez, 42.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Paraguay - Marcelino Soler Fernandez, 42.jpg
Marisa Sanchez.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Marisa Sanchez.jpg
Karlota Gomez Pena.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Karlota Gomez Pena.jpg
Carol Alves.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Carol Alves.jpg
Simon Bush, 18.png
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs Simon Bush, 18.png
Malaj Islas.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Malaj Islas.jpg
Titi Gulley, 31.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Titi Gulley, 31.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Dana_Martin31.jpg
Ecuador - Angi Garcia, 40.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Ecuador - Angi Garcia, 40.jpg
Mara da Silva, 23.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Mara da Silva, 23.jpg
Yara Serena Camargo.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Yara Serena Camargo.jpg
Brazil - Nayanne Rayalla.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - Nayanne Rayalla.jpg
Eduarda Albuquerque, 22.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Eduarda Albuquerque, 22.jpg
Brazil - C.H. Carmago, 27_.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - C.H. Carmago, 27_.jpg
Brazil- Bruna Rodriguez.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil- Bruna Rodriguez.jpg
Brazil - Priscila Vasconcelos, 37.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - Priscila Vasconcelos, 37.jpg
Honduras - Ty Ty, 22.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Honduras - Ty Ty, 22.jpg
CountyofSantaClaraLGBTQAffairs I.Y..jpg
Brazil - Lohane.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - Lohane.jpg
United Kingdom - Naomi Hersi, 36.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs United Kingdom - Naomi Hersi, 36.jpg
Brazil - Fernanda Dias, 29.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - Fernanda Dias, 29.jpg
Brazil - Vitoria, 19.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - Vitoria, 19.jpg
Brazil - Thalia Costa Barboza, 33.jpg
countyofsantaclaralgbtqaffairs Brazil - Thalia Costa Barboza, 33.jpg

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