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IB English Final

169 views since Dec 15, 2019 sgryzej211 Symbolism from the Great Gatsby through the eyes of TJ Eckleberg
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Dimension: 174 x 72 (12,528 tiles)
Colorization: 40%
Resolution: 27,840 x 11,520
Pixels: 320 Megapixels

green ticket.jfif
sgryzej211 green ticket.jfif
chapter 7 daisy room.jpg
sgryzej211 chapter 7 daisy room.jpg
grey nasty clouds.jpg
sgryzej211 grey nasty clouds.jpg
gold and pink clouds.jpg
sgryzej211 gold and pink clouds.jpg
gatsby blood.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby blood.jpg
gatsby funeral.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby funeral.jpg
dead gatsby.jpg
sgryzej211 dead gatsby.jpg
rip myrtle.jpeg
sgryzej211 rip myrtle.jpeg
tie car.jpg
sgryzej211 tie car.jpg
chad tom.jpg
sgryzej211 chad tom.jpg
blue and green.jpg
sgryzej211 blue and green.jpg
blue chauffer.jpg
sgryzej211 blue chauffer.jpg
daisy gold.jpg
sgryzej211 daisy gold.jpg
gatsby party.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby party.jpg
gatsby gold and white.png
sgryzej211 gatsby gold and white.png
gatsby blue garden.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby blue garden.jpg
daisy white flowers.jpg
sgryzej211 daisy white flowers.jpg
gatsby mansion.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby mansion.jpg
daisy white dress.jpg
sgryzej211 daisy white dress.jpg
sgryzej211 lib.jpg
pearl necklace.jpg
sgryzej211 pearl necklace.jpg
sgryzej211 myrtle.png
sgryzej211 gatsby-dicaprio.jpg
new world.jpg
sgryzej211 new world.jpg
sgryzej211 Georgewilson.png
sgryzej211 nic.jpg
gatsby yacht.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby yacht.jpg
gatsby shot.jpg
sgryzej211 gatsby shot.jpg
valley of ashes.png
sgryzej211 valley of ashes.png
white car.jpg
sgryzej211 white car.jpg

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