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Happy Birthday Josh

24388 views since Dec 14, 2020 whiteroselover28 profile pic whiteroselover28 I'm blessed to have a glimpse of the type of person you became, the man in the bigger picture. If you look closer into this big picture, it's made up of the smaller and older images of you. Some of those small pictures are of you and your family, your high school friends, your prom night, your college friends, your selfies, your adventures, your dogs, our chats, bible verses, quotes, our funny screenshots and pictures of you and me. Behind each photo is a story of you, a moment in your life that not everyone knows of, not even me. Some moments are pleasant to remember and some may be more difficult to bring back. Whether it is a good moment or a bad one, be proud each of these moments because without them, you wouldn't be who you are now. On this day, 24 years ago, you were born. In your life, some people will only see the bigger picture without realizing the smaller pictures that make you who you are. And some people only focus on a part of you and miss the whole picture. Life is like this. but I want you to remember that there is Someone who already KNOW you before you were even born 24 years ago. He has a list of every moment in your life way MORE than what I could collect for this image. And He sees you the same as He always did before you were even born "beautifully and wonderfully made." I can't wait for you to grow even more into the person God will mold you into. And I pray that I will be able to witness God's amazing work through you.
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