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Life under the Cross

4730 views since Apr 11, 2020 jgolby profile pic jgolby At ECC we have few traditions, but one that we do have is decorating a cross annually at Easter with fresh cut flowers. This cross was made by a grade 7 Sunday School class, survived a fire and is composed of different unique parts of driftwood, all placed together. It reminds us of our uniqueness and yet our oneness in Christ. The flowers symbolize the new life, and the restoration we have in Christ. The act of placing them on the cross, is to reflect how Christ calls us to join with him in the renewal of all things. This year, though we are physically separated we know these truths still hold just as true. We are still one in Christ. We are still renewed and restored and we are still called to join with him in the renewal of all things. . . Over the week leading up to Easter we asked members of the community to submit their photos of "life as it is now" and photos reflecting life, renewal and themes of hope.
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