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What is Canada Photo Mosaic

1559 views since May 24, 2023 ellieebrownie profile pic ellieebrownie For this project, I created a photo mosaic to portray what Canada, as a country is. Canada is like a mosaic, with so many different, unique pieces all coming together to shape it into what it is. The pieces that I chose to potray in my mosaic are all sorts of people from different races, cultures, ages, and abilities, important points in history, both good and bad, and beautiful landmarks. All these things and more shape Canada into what it is, and I hope that you can really get a sense of that in my design.
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Dimension: 18 x 12 (216 tiles)
Colorization: 67%
Resolution: 21,240 x 14,160
Pixels: 300 Megapixels

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