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We are a part of all of the Mothers we know.

Created on May 9, 2015
For Mother's Day Sunday, I wanted to honor all of the women who I know who are mothers, or the mothers of the children who have shared their hearts and homes with me. To create this photo, I chose at least one picture of each friend & his/her mother - or as a mother - from Facebook or from my personal collection of photos. Some friends on FB have no pictures of their mothers, or I had no photos in my collection of the kids and their moms, so I was unable to include them. Or I found none that were flattering to the Moms or the kids who I wanted to honor, so they will not find themselves in this mosaic. Some may even be repeated in order for the Mosaic to render properly. Of this, I have no control. Regardless, I hope you will find yourself in the background of my family picture of my Mom, sisters, and brother from 1956. Now, check your own personal collection or the photos you have uploaded to Facebook. Where is your Mom? Where is your Mother photo?

Anyone can be born to a mother, but not anyone can BE a mother. Biological, or by choice or happenstance, a woman who is a Mother can be our first love, a nurturer, our constant teacher, ardent supporter, and eventually, a friend. Some mothers are here only for a limited time, by choice or happenstance, and some remain our mothers - or like our mothers - for lifetimes. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. They love selflessly and without ulterior motives. We learn so much from them. Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere.

Colorization: 66%
Mosaic Dimension: 33 x 33
Tile Count: 1089
Tile Width: Tile Height:
Mosaic Width: 18480
Mosaic Height: 18480
Mosaic Hits: 3373

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