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Free online tool for creating and sharing high-resolution zoomable photo mosaics made from your own pictures.

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Over 50,000 created. Over 32,000 shared.

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Instantly create and share your own photo mosaics like these for free using pictures from your computer and Facebook.

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Fundraisers, Auctions, Fans, Trade Shows, Schools, PTA, Yearbook

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Let people add their own pictures to your photo mosaic, or even let them make a remix of your photo mosaic.

Easy 3-Step Photo Mosaic Creator

The process is automatic and instantaneous! This is how you create a photo mosaic "Mosaically". Watch video tutorial on YouTube.

Step 1: Choose Big Picture

Big picture is the overall picture of your photo mosaic from far away. Choose a simple one for best result.

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Step 2: Add Small Pictures

Small pictures are the pictures inside your photo mosaic. Add as many as possible for best result. (Up to 10,000)

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Step 3 : Customize and Save

You can customize the colorization and the tile size. Once saved, it becomes high-resolution and zoomable.

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It's free to create, share, collaborate, and remix

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My mom cried with happiness ...

... in time for my mom's 80th birthday ... the posters are now hanging in her home where visitors can view them. This was the loveliest part of the whole event! My mom cried with happiness when she saw all of the older photos mixed with the new photos....her whole life on posters! THANK YOU!

Rita D. on August 26, 2008


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