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Should you download or order a print?

Our instant downloads are about 300-megapixel (About 18,000 x 18,000 pixel) JPG image files. That's 37.5 times higher resolution than your typical 8-megapixel photos taken with a smartphone. This means that you can print it as large as 5 feet by 5 feet and still see all the small pictures in sharp detail. However, because it's such high resolution, not all image viewers are capable of opening them. For example, the image viewing program Preview, that come standard on Apple computers, is not capable opening them. If you run into this problem, try opening them in more professional image software such as iPhoto or Photoshop. Most modern web browsers are also capable of opening our high resolution image files, and you can do so by dragging and dropping your download onto your browser.

If you're planning on taking the file to a local print shop, keep in mind that not all the print shops are capable of handling such high resolution images and delivering high quality prints. Sometimes, they'll use a process called downsampling, which reduces the resolution. This lower the sharpness of your mosaic. So, it's important to make sure that they print it at full resolution. There are couple more things to keep in mind. Make sure to select a high quality paper, and opt for high quality pigment-based inks if available. Low quality dye-based inks on low quality paper will result in fading and discoloration in just 2-3 years. Finally, make sure the print shop you're going to doesn't have a poorly maintained printer. Many print shops focus on printing banners. It means that their normal large format print customers will not notice even if the printers are not working perfectly, and because of this, most print shops have a low quality standards, so when you print your high resolution mosaic, you may notice your small pictures are not as sharp, or that they are grainy, or even worse that they have banding issues.

These are the reasons why we offer our printing services. It is easier for us to simply offer downloads and leave the printing work to you, but we want you to have the best experience possible, and that's why we offer our printing services. The only time when you should download is if you need to work with the digital file in order to use it for your own special projects, such as magazines or a yearbooks. However, we find that many customers are purchasing our downloads, only to take it a low quality print shop, where they think they can save a few bucks, only to end up with a very mediocre result. Our prices are competitive with highest quality professional print shops in the printing industry. When you order a print from us, you can rest assured with a peace of mind that you are getting the best possible result in the easiest fashion possible.

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