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To my dearest Vannessa

2474 views since Mar 31, 2020 lloydcruz profile pic lloydcruz Happy 23rd Birthday! I know that today's one of the lessser perfect birthdays that you've ever had, but I'll try to make it better with this cheesy cheesy post. I've known you for about a year and you never cease to amaze me with surprises. I know you have a lot on your plate and life may seem to be a challenge for you now, but just hang in there, I promise that things will get better in time! I'm wishing you happiness, joy, and freedom from the bad things that are holding you down. I believe that you will soon be a great doctor and that you will finally find the happy life that you've always been dreaming of. Trust that I will always be by your side through everything, thick and thin, happy and sad time, through bickering and romance, and with everything else in between. I'm looking forward to more years of celebration with you, and of course, infinite years of togetherness. I love you more than to the moon and back. With love, Lloyd
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