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Created on Jun 13, 2017
When I was learning about John Coltrane and his influence, especially in respect to having an established religion created after him, I thought of making something that would represent his influence. When I saw a picture of Coltrane depicted as an icon like those in Christianity, I thought it would be a great idea to create a mosaic (similarly in Christian taste) of the Coltrane icon. Instead of placing each square tile with a certain color, I thought it would be more creative to include pictures of those he has collaborated with, those he has influenced, and of course, album artwork and photos of himself. For example, I inserted photos of artists like Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and later inspirations like Ravi Shankar as people that have influenced him and collaborated with him. In terms of people that he has influenced, I have included people like Carlos Santana into the mosaic. I thought this was related to the course because I’ve noticed that jazz, like most music, is driven by a cycle of influences and influencers, for example Charlie Parker inspiring Miles Davis, who in turn inspired Coltrane. The cycle then continues as Coltrane inspires artists like Jimi Hendrix. I think this project is a representation of how these artists connected to Coltrane musically through their direct collaborations with him and how they incorporated some of his style into their own music. These artists were literally brought together by Coltrane, as they literally all make up a part of his mosaic and figuratively share a part of his influence as they have contributed to his style and/or were inspired by it. Like religious figures in Christianity, Coltrane is immortalized by the people in this picture.

Colorization: 61%
Mosaic Dimension: 30 x 33
Tile Count: 990
Tile Width: Tile Height:
Mosaic Width: 16800
Mosaic Height: 18480
Mosaic Hits: 115

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