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Joseph Reyes, C1, “Always A Part”

Created on Mar 22, 2016

“Always A Part” serves to convey the significance that music continues to sustain in my life. I believe my piece fulfills “the artist’s task”, especially when it comes to presenting multiple levels of engagement. At a distant glance, one can see my body draped loosely or intensely across the body of my keyboard. Even at this perspective, viewers may be challenged with dissonance in interpretation. Is my body calmly resting on top the keyboard, or is it intensely trying to make itself a part of the keyboard? Regardless of what the user chooses to see, the keyboard is deemed emotionally significant to me. The user isn’t necessarily expected to see the keyboard as a derivation of music, my real partner in the piece. At a closer glance, the viewers can see that the primary image is actually composed of several smaller images of pianos, choirs, sheet music, and people playing pianos. The fact that the beings represented in the picture are composed of music should make the viewer see the piece in a new light. It is no longer of an individual who has developed a deep emotional attachment to just his keyboard, but of one who has such an attachment to music.

Colorization: 66%
Mosaic Dimension: 132 x 60
Tile Count: 7920
Tile Width: Tile Height:
Mosaic Width: 18480
Mosaic Height: 8400
Mosaic Hits: 418

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