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VC6 Interactive Choir Photo

3090 views since May 26, 2020 jackrowland A mosaic made from 12,863 photos of the VC6 singers, with a special guest star!
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Dimension: 220 x 72 (15,840 tiles)
Colorization: 60%
Resolution: 30,800 x 10,080
Pixels: 310 Megapixels

Deborah Brothers - 79f925bac17e59abfecee7a6b2e3c521.jpeg
jackrowland Deborah Brothers - 79f925bac17e59abfecee7a6b2e3c521.jpeg
Tom Logan - b5615913631b604f711f28d17517fa1c.JPG
jackrowland Tom Logan - b5615913631b604f711f28d17517fa1c.JPG
Robert  McGee  - E1A4D7B3-7BE7-4248-B780-6C052948CCE7.jpeg
jackrowland Robert McGee - E1A4D7B3-7BE7-4248-B780-6C052948CCE7.jpeg
Nadine  Gabriel - inbound2462144318962003121.jpg
jackrowland Nadine Gabriel - inbound2462144318962003121.jpg
Dons B - F63E5B25-9096-4242-96BE-3B7829EB2C80.jpeg
jackrowland Dons B - F63E5B25-9096-4242-96BE-3B7829EB2C80.jpeg
Kendra Killian - inbound1611911443513208061.jpg
jackrowland Kendra Killian - inbound1611911443513208061.jpg
Molly Moyer - 8FB31CA3-5D23-4CD6-8711-BE97D0167C52.jpeg
jackrowland Molly Moyer - 8FB31CA3-5D23-4CD6-8711-BE97D0167C52.jpeg
Katie  - inbound8705358875287464435.jpg
jackrowland Katie - inbound8705358875287464435.jpg
jackrowland 102327303_338136973820447_2424856583050625024_n.jpg
Anastasia Hartmann - inbound2839002121598945225.jpg
jackrowland Anastasia Hartmann - inbound2839002121598945225.jpg
Giedre Danyte - Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 16.12.52.png
jackrowland Giedre Danyte - Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 16.12.52.png
Jennifer Jiao - inbound645091207020583967.jpg
jackrowland Jennifer Jiao - inbound645091207020583967.jpg
Shelley  Stoffel  - 676C35CB-3CD9-4321-AD4A-D464A514834F.jpeg
jackrowland Shelley Stoffel - 676C35CB-3CD9-4321-AD4A-D464A514834F.jpeg
Kristin  Pagent  - inbound1781515467052307203.jpg
jackrowland Kristin Pagent - inbound1781515467052307203.jpg
Ilse Bielen - inbound9203834954659953070.jpg
jackrowland Ilse Bielen - inbound9203834954659953070.jpg
Lu Fernández - inbound2845015958437844276.jpg
jackrowland Lu Fernández - inbound2845015958437844276.jpg
Pia Ylitalo-Maunula - WP_20190427_002.jpg
jackrowland Pia Ylitalo-Maunula - WP_20190427_002.jpg
Susan Kelly - 37661455_10214233501569911_6427245260828573696_o.jpg
jackrowland Susan Kelly - 37661455_10214233501569911_6427245260828573696_o.jpg
Lewis Christian Saribay - C7C28C1A-8DD1-4CB0-8829-97218926A2D0.jpeg
jackrowland Lewis Christian Saribay - C7C28C1A-8DD1-4CB0-8829-97218926A2D0.jpeg
Carlen MacFarlane - FDAD140F-58AE-41AB-B5A6-2ABB618CBAB5.jpeg
jackrowland Carlen MacFarlane - FDAD140F-58AE-41AB-B5A6-2ABB618CBAB5.jpeg
Betsy Clement - IMG_Betsy 10-16-19.jpg.JPG
jackrowland Betsy Clement - IMG_Betsy 10-16-19.jpg.JPG
J L - 20200501_111800.jpg
jackrowland J L - 20200501_111800.jpg
Jeanette Webb - 23220361-1155-4088-858B-9D029BF5ED40.jpeg
jackrowland Jeanette Webb - 23220361-1155-4088-858B-9D029BF5ED40.jpeg
Faith Frankel - ed3d21a2ddb1f870257862c088fa9395.jpg
jackrowland Faith Frankel - ed3d21a2ddb1f870257862c088fa9395.jpg
Anastasia Pearce - 2A4BA4D2-9175-42BA-BD6B-61DA63A929D5.jpeg
jackrowland Anastasia Pearce - 2A4BA4D2-9175-42BA-BD6B-61DA63A929D5.jpeg
Dan Champion - 56985481_10219449432606214_6864649772544819200_n.jpg
jackrowland Dan Champion - 56985481_10219449432606214_6864649772544819200_n.jpg
Morag Bragger - D65CEEE6-60DF-4050-97D0-C3407108E7B6.jpeg
jackrowland Morag Bragger - D65CEEE6-60DF-4050-97D0-C3407108E7B6.jpeg
Claudia Carione - IMG_1178.jpg
jackrowland Claudia Carione - IMG_1178.jpg
Taya Bult - 121BA09E-0250-48F5-A114-63BBB670BF63.jpeg
jackrowland Taya Bult - 121BA09E-0250-48F5-A114-63BBB670BF63.jpeg
Deborah Harrington - AC0E65DE-8EE5-4BC1-BBA8-965F977E21DA.jpeg
jackrowland Deborah Harrington - AC0E65DE-8EE5-4BC1-BBA8-965F977E21DA.jpeg

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