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Baby toes

Created on Aug 12, 2017
This photo was taken a few years back... a few years more and you won't let us take cute photos with you anymore... Cherishing each moments that we have with you while you are still innocent.. sweet.. and still our baby.. We love you so much anak. Your dad and mom are looking forward to the day when you mature into a full grown man... but still, we are wishing that time would run slow and spend as much time that have with you as our baby boy. God bless you anak on the days... months... years... decades that you will conquer. We love you with all our heart forever.. and always.

Colorization: 55%
Even Spread Factor: 4
Dimension: 45 x 29 = 1305 tiles
Tile Resolution: x
Mosaic Resolution: 18000 x 11600
Views: 275

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