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Created on Mar 1, 2017
1.Three of the most influential people in my life are included in the collage. My Mom, my Dad, and my Brother.
2. Some of my favorite hobbies are also displayed. Media, (taking pictures and editing videos) and babysitting my cousin.
3. Three words I would like to have said about me are intelligent, strong, and kind.
4. The part of my personality I'm most proud of is being strong minded. I'm very determined, and I don't let people push me around.
5. A part of my personality that might create difficulties in my relationship with people is that I like to do my own thing most of the time, and I don't like clingy people. I like to be alone sometimes.
6. I'm proud of some film projects that I have created, including a video that I created that won first place in the creative category last year at the desert light film festival.
7. I like Media, editing, English, babysitting, white Rice, And animals. I dislike mean people, close minded people, and people who judge others before they know them.
8. I've included my family, friends, and upbringing in my collage.
9. The greatest lesson I've learned in life is not to waste time on people who don't care about you, or have their own interest in mind.

Colorization: 52%
Mosaic Dimension: 55 x 55
Tile Count: 3025
Tile Width: Tile Height:
Mosaic Width: 18700
Mosaic Height: 18700
Mosaic Hits: 796

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