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Becca's Big Mosaic

Created on Oct 2, 2017
Becca spoke of her relationship with Christ as the missing part of the puzzle for her life...More than 750 photos from Rebecca's life are combined here in this image -- a mosaic of nearly 4,000 images create one image of Becca at sunrise on Max Patch Bald. Zoom in to see the small photos. Add your own favorite photos of Becca (if they aren't here already.) The more images, the clearer Becca's image becomes. This helped me think about Becca's short, beautiful, life in the context of her faith. I hope it helps you too.

Colorization: 56%
Mosaic Dimension: 54 x 72
Tile Count: 3888
Tile Width: Tile Height:
Mosaic Width: 14040
Mosaic Height: 18720
Mosaic Hits: 81

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